Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas All Year

Hello Stitching Friends,
I hope you are finishing all your Christmas decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking......does it ever end?
I have had a little extra time to get things done this year due to the winter weather Southern Indiana has received this year.  We had 2 snow days this week and (2) 2 hour delays. 

During this time I've been developing an idea for a Christmas stitching blog.
Please allow me to introduce
The All Year Long Christmas Stitch-A-Long blog. 

I've always enjoyed reading the blogs where people post their finished pieces.  I realized that..... 1. people generally post Christmas pieces at Christmas and 2.  There is no blog that I can find dedicated to Christmas finishes.  So......I got busy and created one.

Christmas is my favorite holiday to stitch for and I stitch for Christmas year round.  I hope you'll come and join me at The All Year Long Christmas Stitch-A-Long.  

Please feel free to share with your stitching friends and on your blog.  The more the merrier!

Merry Christmas,


CalamityJr said...

Great idea, great name! I've signed on to follow already! Maybe you'll help us keep the Christmas spirit all year.

Carin said...

Send you a email Diane, I think its a great idea !!!

Joanie said...

Hi Diane! I sent you an email to join your SAL. What a great idea and thanks for keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year!

Fiona said...

Well Istitched 2 ornaments this weekend. So if I visit your SAL Blog maybe I will stitch more and have some for the exchange the next time I at the Pals Fall Fling.



Sharlotte said...

(squealing) I've found another great blog! Can hardly wait to check it out further! I am off to become a follower, ID genealogrl.

Merry Christmas!

Carin said...

Merry Christmas !!

Michele said...

I'd love to participate!

Natalia said...

Hi there... I think this is a great idea and a good motivation for me to stitch more christmas projects. Going right over to become a follower. :-)