Sunday, May 18, 2014

45 ct. Linen Isn't So Bad

Greetings Friends,

I've been working on The Birds & The Bees.
My first attempt at 45 ct. linen is going well.  I hope I can finish this by week's end.  

In 2010 I created a facebook page for Nan's Needlework Notions and didn't do a thing with it.
I have resurrected my efforts so hop on over to my facebook page.

This school year is coming to an end, only 4 more kid days (not that I'm counting :).   Looking forward to some extra stitching time this summer and a long awaited vacation with my hubby.

Thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

Keep on stitchin'

Saturday, May 3, 2014

How Time Flies...

Greetings Friends,

It is hard to believe May is here and it has been so long since I've updated my blog.  Thanks for sticking with me during my absence. 

During Spring Break my friend Marsha and I made the 10 hour drive to Minnesota to mark a shop off our bucket list.  We visited Stitchville USA and it was definitely worth the drive.  I was so busy shopping I didn't take many pictures but I did get a few of the shop.  Their website boast 4,200 square feet of cross stitch heaven and over 1,000 framed models. 
They did not disappoint.  Marsha and I walked around for nearly an hour with our mouths agape.  Then we got down to business.  In all, I think we spent about 8 hours (with a quick break for lunch) wondering around admiring the models, enjoying the wall of fabric and filling our baskets with goodies to take home. 

On the stitching front, I couldn't take it any longer and ordered from the Scarlet Letter.  I've admired several from the web and decided I needed to start And All Was for An Appil.  I've finished the outline, now I get to add color.

I also jumped on the Snooty Parrots wagon.  I love this sampler.

One of the things I picked up at Stitchville was a piece of 45 ct. linen (well, more than one but this is what I used first :).  I decided to stitch Carriage House Sampling's The Birds & The Bees on it.  It's tiny, but so far so good.

Here's a birthday gift I sent over the pond to a great friend.

Here are a couple of pieces I finished stitching and haven't finished yet. 

And here is a piece I stitched and finished for a 
Valentine's Day Exchange with my buddy Karen.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope Spring has finally made it to your neck of the woods.  The coming week is supposed to be glorious.  Think it may be time for " porch stitchin' ".

Keep on stitchin,