Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love My Stitching Friends

You have no idea how much I love my stitching friends. 

Look what showed up in my mailbox today.
She sent me this awesome package for our first exchange this year.  She stitched Tis Red by La D DA from the JCS ornament issue.  She finished it into a cutie, cute pincushion with the most fabulous trim.
She also included lots of goodies.  Finishing fabric, fibers, springy note cards and journal, organizing bags, her favorite batting.  Thanks so much're a doll.

Earlier this week I received a surprise from Peg at Lightning Fingers...Not
She had a birthday giveaway.  She sent me an email that I didn't win the giveaway but she took notice of my comment about having always wanted a scissor frog.  She sent one to me just because.  Wasn't that the nicest thing.  I so appreciate your thoughtfulness Peg.  The scissor frog is perched nicely on my stitching table holding my antique scissors.

I am on Spring Break this week.  The weather here has been calm but cold.  Tomorrow is supposed to hit almost seventy.  I can't wait.  Seems like the week is going by way too fast.  Appointments and errands seem to occupy too much time.  I have managed some stitching.  I'm almost finished with my Home of a Needleworker by LHN.  Just a little more on the border at the top and off to the framer it goes.  I hope to finish that tonight.  Wish me Luck!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments.  They keep me motivated to do what I love, STITCH.

Keep on stitchin' on,


Vonna said...

I was wondering if you were here in Indiana or somewhere warm with your toes in the sand :)
I was going to give you a hoot and holler but we came down with the you don't want to be in the middle of that nightmare!
LOVE all your goodies... Faye is a generous, wonderful person for sure and to have her as a partner would be like hitting the lotto! And Peg sure was a sweetie to gift you that flower frog to display your lovely snips!
HoaNW is looking GREAT! Sending you finishing X's so that you can get that beauty to the framer!

Karen said...

woohoo our first exchange rec'd! and i just knew it would be from Faye, she was first everytime last year too! LOL (she had me last year). love everything! and your progress looks great eventhough i already know that you just finished it up! :-) I want to see it hanging when i get there! :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great goodies! Now that's the kind of frog everyone loves!! our Needleworker is so pretty! Can't wait to see how you frame her! Enjoy your break - spring's closer and closer! Can't stop stitching long enough to punch, but I will...

Lynn said...

What wonderful gifts you've received!! The scissor frog is lovely and Faye has sent a fabulous collection of goodies.
HoaN looks fantastic! It won't be long before a happy dance is in order or maybe it should be a jig seeing as it's St. P's Day!

Fiona said...

Loving your gifts and your stitching is coming along. Your scissor frog is really pretty.

Yvonne..... said...

WOW! Aren't you lucky to have Faye as your exchange partner! I bet it was like Christmas when you opened that goody!! Your LHN piece looks great. Hope you get it finished tonight and off to the framer. Hugs!

Michele said...

Stitching friends are the best :) Lovely exchange from Faye! Love your progress on Home of a Needleworker too!

Jan said...

Hey there, Missy Diane!

Before I forget, need to remind you to send my your favorite color choice, for Retreat! Also whatever other (if there is another) color choice you would have for a piece that will be in your home. Thought you might want to do some matching!:) Let me know, k?

Oh your LHN piece is so pretty, love it, is it over one or what? Kinda looks like it from this angle! This is such a special project! Love your exchange from Faye too, her heart is so big and she is such a sweet, sweet person! Lucky you!!

Where did that warm weather go??? Stuck my head out this morning and it is freezing, brrr!!! OK, not that bad, but I was getting used to the warmer weather! Ha!

Have a great weekend! hugs!

Kerri said...

I saw your exchange you sent to "Confessions of a Serial Starter" and had to tell you what a great idea.

Did you purchase or make the felt chick and bunny? They are just too cute for words and I would love to make one for myself.

Thank you for the inspiration and the lovely blog.

Nan said...

I tried to reply to your email but it doesn't list your email just a no reply blogger. So here is what I tried to send you. :-)

Hi Kerri,
Thanks for your kind words on my chick and bunny. They were very fun to stitch and finish but I can't take credit for any of it. :-)
The cross stitch designs and finishing patterns are from a Prairie Schooler pattern called Bunnies & Chicks
Here is a link to the pattern.

Inside the leaflet are templates for the bunny and chick that you can trace onto felt. It was very easy to embroider the designs on the patterns.
I hope to get a couple stitched for myself this Spring. I think I will make mine into magnets to hang on the fridge.
Thanks again! Let me know if you decide to stitch and finish them. I'd love to see yours.
Take care,