Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Made it Home in Record Time...

I didn't get a ticket, I didn't speed (much) but I'm pretty sure I made record time getting home with my stitched pieces.

The First Thing I Did...
when I came home with my framed pieces today was actually hang them on the wall. 
I have been waiting on these pieces since September and was so excited to finally have them in my hands that I couldn't wait to get them up so I could admire them every time I walk by. 
The two framed pieces are designs that I stitched this summer.  I started free bird at the OOE retreat and purchased Bless This House on the way to the retreat.  I think these two pieces are part of the reason I haven't had many blog posts this summer/fall.  It took quite a while to stitch them and then off to they went to the framer. 

Bless This House
Plum Street Samplers
Free Bird
The frame is actually a very deep red that matches the fibers in the design. 
The camera doesn't quite capture the real beauty.


Thanksgiving is a favorite of mine.  I love to stitch for Thanksgiving and
I am delighted to have finished Thankful Quaker. 

Bent Creek
Thankful Quaker

Bent Creek
Thankful Quaker
My holiday shelf is starting to fill up.  I've combined Autumn and Thanksgiving. 
One day it will be full for each holiday.  *Crossing fingers and stitching furiously*

I hope the upcoming holidays are joyous for you. 
 It is hard to believe that it is time to stuff the turkey and deck the halls.   
I came across this picture on a friend's facebook page and found it refreshing and hilarious. 
Every year I am amazed at how retailers try to out do each other. 
I notice that a lot of Black Friday sales are starting at midnight Thanksgiving night. 
Will you be joining the millions of people trying to grab the deals?

I'll be back soon with more finishes.  I dedicated most of the Fall to preparing for the Pals Fall Fling.  I have pictures to share of friends and finishes but they are on another camera and I can't find the cord. 
Until then...

Keep on stitchin,


Faye said...

oh Nan~~ Your framed pieces are just beautiful!!! And, your display is outstanding!! The shelves are perfect I tell ya!! Nice job my friend.... Faye

Beth said...

Your pieces are fantastic!! I really love that shelving - what a great way to showcase your holiday decorations!! It is looking VERY good!

Yvonne..... said...

I am so glad you were able to "save" freebird. Your framed pieces look amazing! I know you will be smiling every time you look at them!!

Lynn said...

Your framed pieces are gorgeous! You must be so pleased with them.
I love how you've displayed your autumn stitching. Looks great!

I just added the BC design to my stash. It was waiting in the mail for me on Friday. Your finish is fabulous and I can't wait to stitch mine now!

Penny said...

Both of your framed pieces are lovely and your holiday shelf looks great!

ROSELLA69 said...


Michelle said...

Oh Nan your framed pieces look wonderful I can see why you wanted them on your walls straight away - well done. I love the Thankful Quaker xx

Mouse said...

oooo gorgeous and glad you didn't get a speeding ticket getting those beauties on the wall ... lovely display too and hope you have a great thanksgiving :) love mouse xxx

cucki said...

wow nan they are looking so beautiful.and the display is awesome..i love it so much..

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your framed pieces are beautiful! I'd have to stop and admire them, too. Ah-don't you love Nordstrom's policy? I have done black Friday before, but probably not this year. Hope to see more postings soon!

Sally said...

Your framed and finished pieces are absolutely beautiful.

Lesleyanne said...

Your framed pieces are gorgeous. Love your Autumn/Fall display on your shelving unit.

Karen said...

they look awesome! and i love quaker turkey! i really love the display rack you got over the summer it is just perfect for your "goodies".

Fiona said...

No wonder you couldn't wait to get those framed pieces home, they look wonderful. Your Quaker design and your shelf look very pretty, I wish I had space in my home to do this. But in a house full of men it just doesn't happen...LOL