Monday, June 11, 2012

My Own Throwback

Greeting Friends,

It seems as though school is winding down for the Summer.
The kids have been out for over a week but I've been working to wrap up the year.
I have been finding some time to stitch and have been working on the pieces below.

Ann Lockart 1842
Blackbranch Needlework
Star Spangled Garden
Country Cottage Needleworks
I hope to have Star Spangled Garden finished this week. Ann Lockart is my in between projects, project. I enjoy stitching it but don't mind when my attention gets diverted to another project.

I also have 2 pieces at the framer.
They should be ready this week and I can't wait to show them to you.
Karen of Karen's Handiwork is showing us some of her older pieces in her Throwback Thursday posts. I love looking at her bin of stitched pieces from way back when.
It is amazing how our tastes change over the years and how patterns evolve with the times.
Reading her blog started me thinking about the first piece I stitch.
I started stitching in the 80's when I was about 13.
I can clearly remember the first thing I stitched so many years ago.
Over the years I lost track of the piece and have often wondered where it ended up, which started to make me wonder if I could find the kit. So, to eBay I went....
Sure enough after a few search tries I found it, bought it and it was delivered today.
High Kick
Good Shepperd
I'm not sure if I will stitch it again, maybe....
But it does bring back a lot of memories of stitching it while my dad
watched IU and Celtics basketball games and mom worked her puzzle books.
I hope you are all finding your own time to stitch. I appreciate your visits and kind comments. They mean so much and keep me motivated to keep on stitchin'


Deborah said...

Love both of your wip's. Star Spangled Garden is going to be lovely. I think the first thing I ever stitched was a pillow case when I was around 10.

Mouse said...

ooo love both your wips and love that you found your first cross stitch on the bay of evil

I designed mine for my mum with a wee mouse reading a book on top of a horse shoe in some flowers ..... not sure where the original is but I do have a photo somewhere :)
love mouse xxxxx

Karen said...

Hope you have a good stitchy summer! It is neat that you found that kit... also cool to read about your memories.

Happy stitching....

Maggee said...

Love the Ann Lockart sampler--bookmarked it for future stitching! As I often do after seeing your finishes or WIPs! And that Star Spangled one is adorable! Great that you could find the first stitching project-think I did a pillow case or two at first--have no clue! Hugs!

Lesleyanne said...

Both of your wips are lovely. Hope you manage to get Star Spangled finished. Lovely first cross stitch. My was a letter L which I put in a paper weight. My mum still has it.

Daffycat said...

Lovely holiday stitching. Patriotic pieces are so much fun.

Cute first stitch and SO TYPICAL 1980's!!! I stitched a Good Shepherd kit in the 80's (I think that is what it was lol) was strawberries with a verse about friendship and came with a heart shaped plastic frame made to resemble wood.

Lanie said...

OMG ... memories of our first cross stitch finishes! I've forgotten about most of mine and certainly don't know what became of them. But seeing your "High Kick", I remember stitching something with those heart stripes as a background. And reading Karen's blog post reminded me that P Buckley Moss designs were favorites of mine also. Even in my teenage years I had an ample collection of "must do" charts!

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I'm glad you are finding time to stitch now that school's out. It's been quiet around here too! I loved seeing one of your oldies. I may have to see what I can root out to share too. What a fun idea!

Michelle said...

Lovely memory of your first cross stitch and wonderful stitching xx