Friday, October 5, 2012

October Already?

Greetings Friends,
It is hard to believe October is already here. 
Time is flying and I've been in a Halloween mood for stitching.
This weekend brings our city's annual Oktoberfest.  I'm looking forward to the unlimited supply of fried food and catching up with friends I only see visiting the Oktoberfest.
October also  brings one of my favorite holidays.  HALLOWEEN!
I finished BBD's Trix or Treat.  This was a fast, fun stitch.  I think I'll have this one framed.
 Trix or Treat
Blackbird Designs
I also finished Home Sweet Home...
Home Sweet Home Sampler
Pineberry Lane
I finally got my Halloween decorations out on the mantle. 
 I have a few more stitched pieces to finish for Halloween.
Hopefully I can find my finishing mojo this weekend.
I also found the energy to put away my 4th of July pieces and changed to Fall.
This Fall I participated in a couple of exchanges.
My friend Karen and I did our annual Halloween exchange.
Karen and I did a stitched (but not finished) exchange.
She stitched Holy Sheet over 1!  She also spoiled me with lots of Hallloween goodies.
(I giggle everytime I look at the piece Karen stitched for me....Holy Sheet!  LOL!)
Here are the goodies I sent Karen.
The Halloween bag is from Victoria Motto Sampler
It is full of Nancy's hand-dyed trim and floss.
If you haven't been by Nancy's blog check her out. 
Her trim is awesome and her prices are very reasonable.
I also participated in The Friends Stitching Through the Seasons exchange. 
You can see the goodies Edgar sent me in my previous post.
Here is what I sent my partner Michelle.
I hope everyone is having a great Autumn season. 
Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. 
Keep on stitchin'


cucki said...

Aww very lovely stitching and cute Halloween decorations ..I love everything so much ..
Lovely exchange gifts xxx

Karen said...

Love all of your goodies! I really need to stitch the BBD....think I will pull that one next!

Happy stitching....and Octoberfesting.

Faye said...

Girl friend!!~~ Love love love all the great decorations you have set out....Nothing like the fall time of the year for a little going to the fairs and Octobefesting for the good eats... I can smell funnel cakes right now!! Very nice job on all the pretty stitching~~~ Have fun! Faye

Natasha said...

very nice stitching. I think I may have to start Trix or Treat. Love all your halloween/Fall decorations. This is my favorite time of year. Have a great night and Happy Stitching

Lesleyanne said...

Your fall and halloween pieces are gorgeous. Lovely exchanges both sent and received.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'm a fall lover, too! All your pieces are great. Love that BBD piece - it's in my stitched pouch. Hope you find all your friends and goodies at 'fest. We'll miss you at PALS!

Ranae said...

Super nice finishes and the exchanges turned out great, awesome finishes
Lovely displays

Michelle said...

Lovely photos thanks for sharing them x

Carolyn NC said...

Great exchanges and stitching! And cool decorations!