Friday, March 22, 2013

Greetings Friends,
It's of 4:00 p.m. this afternoon I am on Spring Break.  It is supposed to snow Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Although I have nothing major planned, I am thoroughly over the cold, snow and wind.  I'm ready to stick my toes in the sand and feel the sun on my face.  I guess the wintry weather will give me an excuse to stay in and stitch.
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I didn't realize until I logged in to write this post that I haven't posted in 2013.  Wow!  Where does the time go? 
 I've been quite busy stitching. 
Take a look at this monster...

I started this deer piece about ten years ago for my husband.  I quickly grew tired of the confetti stitching and put it down.  Over the course of the last 10 years my hubby would make a reference to it on occasion.  He was extremely surprised when it made it's debut on our anniversary this week.  I love the barn wood frame.  He says he's not sure what he is going to give me a hard time about now that I have completed the deer piece for him.
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For some reason, I have been drawn to big pieces lately. 
For years I've only stitched small pieces. 
Now I'm starting pieces like the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.

 I am also keeping up with Santa's Village.
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My friend Karen and I do seasonal exchanges
throughout the year.

For Valentine's Day she sent this lovely package. 
The heart is so tiny.  She stitched it over 1. 

Here is a pic of the stitched piece I sent her. 
I forgot to take a pic of the goodies I sent.

I've also been working on the Spanish Flair piece. 
I forgot to take a pic for this post so maybe next time I'll update you on my progress.

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Having grown up in an Indiana University household and being a graduate of IU, I am totally excited about the NCAA tournament this year.  I'm sure I'll be glued to the t.v. until the end.  GO IU!
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I hope Spring is shaping up in your part of paradise more quickly than it is in Indiana.  As I sit here, still grumbling about the weather, I think the groundhog owes us an explanation. 
Thank you for stopping by to share a bit of your day with me.  I love hearing from you!
Keep on stitchin'


Mouse said...

oooo enjoy your spring ??? break .... as I am writing this is is really snowing hard at the mouse house too:(
congratulations on the finish and had to giggle about your dh comment ...
love mouse xxxxx

Christie said...

I am ready for warmer weather also...not the hot sticky heat though. The deer is awesome and I am sure hubby was very happy to have it. Love you Shores & Santa's Village. May have to start getting that series of charts after seeing yours & Char's. Have a great Spring Break.

Faye said...

Ditto here on the break.... Started spring intercession until 4-9-13.... Cold, but like you, ready to wile away the hours stitching...... Welcome back!!

Marsha said...

Missed you. So impressed with you getting the deer complete. Great accomplishment. Santa Village is so awesome and Shores!! Woo hoo. Love the cartoon and I hear Punsatawney Phil was murdered. (As he should be)

Deborah said...

Welcome back. You have done some beautiful work. The deer piece is really beautiful. Just had snow yesterday and will be more on Monday. I am so ready for this winter to end.

Virpi said...

That deer pick looks amazing! Your Santas village is growing fast.

Carolyn NC said...

I'm wondering if anyone is getting any spring! Fantastic stitching and finish!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Congrats on finishing the piece for your husband. I am stitching a piece for my husband but it doesn't see the light of day very often. We have snow here too. Enjoy your break.

Michelle said...

Lovely to see you Nan. Snowing heavy here in the Midlands in the UK. I long for Spring. Lovely stitching xx

cucki said...

So happy to see you dear ..
Super sweet stitching..
Enjoy spring time
Hugs x

Vickie said...

What an awesome gift for your husband. Your exchange was so pretty both ways.

Karen said...

What a wonderful finish and the frame is perfect! Hope you at least have a good stitchy week if the weather isn't cooperating.

happy stitching...

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Hey, girl! Glad to see you again! Wow, now that's an extreme piece for the hubs. LOVE the piece you did for Karen. Nice to see you've been stitching - lots of pretties! Enjoy the break. Maybe you'll get to put those toes in sand soon...

Maggee said...

Lovin the groundhog funny! Your hubby should be so very happy! That is a masterpiece! I am not so into big pieces right now, but have some started. We shall see... Nice to see you blogging again! Hugs!

Fiona said...

Great stitching. I love stitching large pieces and really struggle with stitching small ones.