Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanted to share my only two Halloween finishes for this year.  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to stitch for so I'm a little bummed to only have two pieces finished. 

Scary Halloween
Cherrywood Design Studio
Stitched on WDW Cashel Linen ~ Pumpkin
WDW & GAST Threads as Charted

I started Scary Halloween while at the Pals Fall Fling.  I finally finished it this morning and started right in on the finishing.  It took me 4 hours to finish this little beauty. I put the clothespins on to hold it down while the glue dried and went outside do some yard work.  I came back in, took the clothespins off and realized I had the pieces on the wrong sides.  To my horror it read WEEN! HALLO- HAPPY.
So what's a girl to do?  Well......I started trying to pull it apart.  I was able to get it apart but in doing so I stretched the fabric.  I glued it back together and here is the end result.  It's a little whopper-jawed but I'll have to live with it.  I still love the design and will proudly display it in my house.

I decided to join a cross stitch Halloween card exchange.  Here is the card I made.  I had fun finishing this card and will probably do more.  I hope it made someone smile on Halloween.

I've been working on more exchanges and will have more to show you very soon.
I think tonight I'll start on a Little House Needleworks I've been waiting to stitch.  I received some linen that is perfect for it in my grab bag from the fall fling. 

Thank you for taking time to look at my stitching.  I love sharing it with you and thank you for stopping by!

Keep on stitchin' on,


BeckySC said...

I think it looks FABULOUS, Nan :)And nobody would have known about the issue had you not told us :) GREAT work!!

Karen said...

looks awesome! i stitched on the tree backing. :) LOL i just use a couple heavy cookbooks when i am gluing my pieces together, works the same. :) LOL and ween happy hallow would have been cute too!

Faye said...

That is absolutely beautiful!!!! I saw you stitching on this last weekend!!! Finish is perfect~ Thanks for sharing.....

Take care, Faye

Beth said...

That is a lot of stitching you got done this week!! I really think it looks great. But, I would have said that I stitched 4 pieces if I were you - LOL!!

Your card looks cool too. Can't wait to see what the card looks like that you receive.

Erin said...

Can't tell it's whopper jawed at all! It looks fabulous! And I can't wait for an opportunity to use the phrase whopper jawed again!! You're the best :)

Carolyn NC said...

Great finishes!

Carol said...

What wonderful finishes! I especially love Scary Halloween--it looks like it must have been so much fun to stitch :)

Theresa said...

Nan- Saw your post about our design & had a great giggle over your finishing "oops" - sounds like something WE would do (we won't go into that...) It looks wonderful - thanks for the support & keep stitchin'
Cathy & Theresa

Kym said...

You are very inspiring at how much stitching you get done and beautiful your work looks, even if there is an 'oopsie' in it. :-)

Patty C. said...

Nice finishing :)

Charlene ♥ SC said...

I'd say that's a big finish for Halloween, and would display it proudly, too! Your card is a cutie, too! Great stitching!