Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!


I have been stitching for 20 + years and have never been able to do a french knot.   
For some reason I decided to try it again tonight and Voila! 
(In case you can't see it, it's the bright pink dot in the top left chocolate) It worked!

I was so excited that I just had to jump on here to share it with people who could appreciate it.  My hubby was less than impressed....MEN!
In the past I've always gotten by with using a bead or just putting in a regualar cross stitch if I could get away with it.  No more faking it for me. 

I'm currently working on LHN's Chocolate Box.  I have the perfect finishing fabric and I received a perfect piece of linen to stitch it on in my grab bag from the Fall Fling. 
Can't wait to finish it!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my new accomplishment!

Keep on stitchin' on,


3anklebiters said...

congratulations! i've always had better luck with a 2-wrap french knot compared to the 3-wrap.

Karen said...

congrats! i usually use beads as well. LOL i hate french knots but have been getting a bit better at them lately. you go girl! you should have this finished tomorrow! LOL

Annie said...

Yea for you! I don't think I've ever made 2 French knots in a row that turned out to be the same size. Hope you have better luck when you need to make more!

Beth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so impressed!! It looks perfect to me. I have never been able to do a French Knot, I use beads or a Colonial knot if I absolutely have to. Enjoy the rest of what looks to be a great stitching project!

Kym said...

I'm impressed...I've been stitching forever and I think I've done one successful french knot.
I can't do it...but you inspired me to keep trying!
Awesome projects btw.

Kathy said...

I had to laugh at your post and your excitement and happiness of getting the french knot. I have been doing them since I can remember. Probably 8 when one of my Grandmothers taught me to emboider. :) So to me they are second nature.

So congratulations on mastering the french knot!

Daffycat said...

Way to go Nan! French knots are easy once you get the hang of them. My only problem is making two "exact" for things like eyes. Still gives me fits!

Vonna said...

WHOO HOO! It's a pretty one too ;)

Shelleen said...

Congrats on the french knot. They are easy once you get them figured out.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats - looks great!