Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gobble Gobble
I love stitching for all the holidays.  Most of the stash that I buy is somehow related to holidays. 
BUT...this year I realized that I had nothing for Thanksgiving.  No patterns, no stitched pieces....nothing.
Well, maybe a couple of patterns but definitely nothing stitched.
So...I set to work.  I bought and stitched, and bought some more, and am glad to say that I now have Thanksgiving covered.  I've even got a few patterns stashed in case I want to get a head start on next Thanksgiving.  Several of the Thanksgiving pieces I stitched went to new homes but I just had to keep these goofy guys for me. 
Bent Creek Photobooth
Pilgrim Pals
WDW & Gast Fibers
Linen included w/pattern

Bent Creek has an entire series of photobooth pals.  I think the next one will probably be the Easter Surprise Photobooth.  I have very little stitched for Easter so I'll have to get an earlier start on that holiday.  In the meantime I'll have to resist the Christmas, Snowman and Valentine's bear photobooth cuties. 

Thanks for stopping by & I wish everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving

Keep on stitchin' on,


CalamityJr said...

That is so cute! I'll have to give the photo booths a look-see.

April Mechelle said...

The Brent Creek is so Cute !!!

Vonna said...

These are really, really cute :) and how you finished them is darling! I have the Frankenstin and Ghost one...makes me laugh :)

natalyK said...

I have stitch the Halloween and Snowman Photobooths and they are so fun. It takes you back to the times of sitting in those photobooths at the beach with friends and taking crazy pics. Love your finish!

Karen said...

way too cute! i have the bacon and eggs one. LOL haven't stitched it yet though. great finishing!

Kym said...

Really nice, your work is always so fantastic.

I only did one small Thanksgiving stitch, no time really, I'm working Christmas stuff.

Carolyn NC said...


Charlene ♥ SC said...

That's just the cutest - and such a great finish! You've really got the touch!