Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happy Long Weekend to Me.....and hopefully you! 

I think this is the first time in years that I've actually had the opportunity to celebrate President's Day at home instead of school.  We've had a very mild winter and so far no snow days.  My plan for the long weekend includes many hours of stitching. 

I have been a busy girl since my last post and have lots to share with you so,
on to Valentine's Day!

My friend Karen and I decided we would do an "unfinished" Valentine's Day exchange. 
Karen knows how to spoil a girl when it comes to exchanges. 

Here is the exchange Karen sent.  Harley had to check out what his Aunt Karen sent.
Fabric, Candy, Scissors, Pincushion, Ribbon, Needle minder and much more!
Here are the Valentine's Day pieces Karen stitched for me.
Cutie, cute, cute!

Here is how I finished them.

Look at this super cute Valentine pincushion.
Love It!

Here is the exchange I sent Karen.

Here is the stitched piece I made for her.
 Love Always
Homespun Elegance

And here is how she finished it.

Thanks for a great exchange! 
I loved stitching for you and I love everything you sent. 

I haven't done much seasonal stitching this winter but I
did manage to finish one Valentine's Day piece. 

February Word Play
With Thy Needle and Thread
Stitched on Zweigart 40 ct. Autumn Blush
Recommended Fibers

LK Flora McSample 2011 Ornament
Wilchelt 28 ct. Milk Chocolate Linen
Recommended Fibers

And 3 little ornaments.  I fell in love with these ornaments the first time I saw them. 
I made a boo boo when trimming the fabric and thought I'd ruined all of them. 
I managed to salvage them, I think.  Considering my boo boo I think they turned out ok.

Time is flying and February will be over before we know it.  I think it is time to turn my attention to St. Patrick's Day now.  I don't have many stitched things for St. Patrick's Day so I hope to add a few this year.

Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comments. 
I love hearing from my stitching friends.  Have a great weekend!

Keep on stitchin'


Beth Pearce said...

Great gifties given and received! Love your Flora McSamples - they are in my to do pile!

Those wordplays are calling my name too -hmmmmm

Enjoy your long weekend.

Yvonne..... said...

What a fabulous exchange!! Love that little envelope you sent(DID YOU MAKE???)and I like how you finished up the great stitched pieces. Enjoy your time off!!

Lynn said...

I love the idea of an unfinished exchange! You've both finished up some lovely pieces from your stitching gifts.
Hope you enjoy your long weekend and get in lots of stitching time.

Maggee said...

Yes, an 'unfinished exchange' is another new idea I never heard of! Stitchers are the best! Your exchanges look wonderful, as do the finishes afterwards. And your LK Flora ornies look just perfect! Hugs!

cucki said...

wow lovely gifts sent and received,,
beautiful stitching..
keep well..
hugs xx

Michelle said...

Lovely gifts both given and received. I too love the Flora McSampler charts have them on order x

Fiona said...

Great gifts given and received. The more I see the word play designs, the more the start calling my name, might have to give in and get one or two. Love how you finished everything and your LK's are very sweet and I didn't notice any boo boo.

Karen said...

Thank you for a great exchange as always girl! love my goodies you sent and the stitched piece is absolutely fabulous on my mantle! Love the LK ornaments!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Things don't stay unfinished for long around there, do they? Your exchange was a great idea, and great things going both ways, goodies and stitched! Your Word Play is sweet as can be, and the McSamples turned out great! (I'm the worst to trim too close.) Enjoy the holiday. We always work, snow or not - and it's a great big not this year, but I have to say, yet. Just one day would be fine with me.

Get out your green and have fun!

Carolyn NC said...

Awesome stitching and finishes!