Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Final Verdict on the Letter "A"...

Happy Sunday Morning Friends,

Thank you to all my friends who called, sent texts or emails to check on me last week.  Stitching friends are the best and the ones who know where I live know that I was very close to the tornadoes that ripped through the midwest last Friday. 
My town did not get hit but towns as close as 20 miles south were devastated.
The clean up will be long but times like this reaffirm your faith in the human race.
So many people have pitched in to help and donations are plentiful to help those affected.

Again, thank you for thinking of me and continue to pray for those affected.

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I decided to try a new local framer with the two pieces I had finished.  
  When I walked in I ran through the normal lists of question a
stitcher wants to know about their framer.  He seemed to have all the right answers.
But one question I asked seemed to make him terribly uncomfortable.  I asked him if he could tell what the picture was?  He turned a few shade of red and after a few ummms and coughs he said "Well, I wasn't going to say anything but, no."

At least he was honest....another good quality in a framer, right?
I reassured him not to feel bad as my husband couldn't tell what it was either.
So after explaining it was the letter A we spent quite a while trying to decided
on a frame for this busy piece.

I left my pieces in the hands of my new framer and was delighted when he told me
I'd only have to wait a week for him to frame my pieces. 
True to his word I got a call one week later and rushed right in to pick up my pieces.

Upon viewing my letter A...
I knew the framer had done a great job with the framing but I'm still no closer
to the love I'd hoped to have for this piece. 

And to reinforce my thoughts.....
The letter A was sideways...he had to move the hanger on the back so it was actually at the top of the frame.  *framerturnsredagain*

M Designs

So the final verdict on my letter A....
It didn't turn out the way I'd envisioned but I have a new framer
who appears to know how to frame linen.
Check out the other piece he framed.

Home is Where you Hang Your Needlework
Homespun Elegance

I love how this one turned out.

I hope that everyone is enjoying mild weather.  We've had such a mild winter here.  Daffodils are popping out of the ground, birds are singing every morning and the sun is shining.  Feels like Spring is here.  Although it has been mild I am still ready for some bone warming sunshine.  You know the kind of warmth that sinks into your skin all the way to your bones.
In a little over a week I'll be on a plane to Arizona to visit my friends Karen and Yvonne. 
Can't wait to see the Grand Canyon, visit The Attic and spend some time stitching with friends.

Thank you for stopping by and following the saga of my letter "A".
I love hearing from you and appreciate your sweet comments.
Until next time...

Keep on stitchin'


Beth Pearce said...

Looks like you did find a great framer! Your pieces are beautiful as well. Enjoy AZ and say hey to Karen and Yvonne for me!

Daffycat said...

Very nice frame ups! I like the simple frame for A.

Have fun in Arizona, safe trip!

CalamityJr said...

Glad your town was spared. Your framer did a great job, just wish you could enjoy the "A" more. Have a great trip! (Oh, and I like your spring background - so cheerful!)

Maggee said...

Well, the framer is not the only having difficulty seeing our letters--I told you, I didn't see my 'M' either! I have the HE pattern and was thinking of doing it on a lighter fabric--yours helped me decide yes! It is so cute! Have a great time in Arizona! Watch out Attic!! Hugs!

Mouse said...

oooo well at least you have found a good framer and love the home piece too .... hope you have a nice visit too if I don't squeak to you before :) love mouse xxxx

Karen said...

woo hoo!!!!! they turned out great! I need to head to the framer as well with a couple pieces. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Looks like you found a good one! Have fun at your get together - though I know you need no encouragement! Your blog shows your wish for spring - so pretty!

Fiona said...

Glad that you are safe and were untouched by the storms. Your new framer did a great job. Enjoy your time with Karen and Yvonne.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your framed pieces are beautiful, the framer sounds great.

So glad that you weren't affected by te storms.

Love the Easter theme of your blog.

Lanie said...

Hi Nan, just found your blog! Your framed pieces look lovely. I know how "scary" it is to find a new framer. My framers retired and closed their shop and I'm searching too! I'm glad you found someone. Enjoy your trip to The Attic. One of these days I'm going to join my husband when he flys to Phoenix on business. He can work and I'll enjoy the day surrounded by lovely linens and fibers!