Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Ain't Your Grandma's Tissue Box Cover

While I was browsing through the library the other day I came across a section containing plastic canvas patterns. I was transported back to my younger years when it seemed like all things crafty involved plastic canvas. I can remember my mom making tissue box covers for all of her sisters one year for Christmas. They were made using an alternating scotch stitch in brown variegated yarn. I am not sure why I remember this after 30 years but I can remember wanting to help her make the covers.

I'm not sure what possessed me to look through the plastic canvas pattern books. I was pleasantly surprised at the projects I found and couldn't resist checking out a book that had some great summer patterns. After leaving the library I immediately went to the store and bought plastic canvas and yarn. I went home and obsessively started to stitch the tissue box cover. I was surprised at how quickly it stitched.
My tissue box cover is now in my guest bath, perfectly coordinating with my bathroom decor.

I'm not sure if or when I will start a new plastic canvas project but it was fun to try something new. I definitely have a new found appreciation for a craft from my childhood memories.
That makes me wonder what crafts from your childhood you have revisited as an adult. Is it something you crafted or saw others craft.

The tissue box cover is from the book Porch & Patio Plastic Canvas by The Needlecraft Shop 2006.

Keep on stitchin' on,

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